Romantic & Cinematic Wedding Films in Scotland

A Timeless Love Story With YOU As The Stars!

I Don’t Make Wedding Videos, I Make Wedding Films…There’s a BIG Difference!

Think of it like a finished feature romance film, with you as the stars, versus a paper draft of a script. They both tell the same story but a wedding film is emotive, it makes you FEEL. The other is just a transcript.

The real magic of wedding films is the way in which I can craft a beautiful story of your day. The wedding film flows and draws you through the day’s highlights, replaying unique moments such as heartfelt words in a speech, or the sobs of happiness during the ceremony.

This is what wedding films are to me. Not a boring recording of your day, but a masterfully crafted tale that has a beginning, a middle and an end. It has emotion, dramatic crescendos and peaks. It uplifts you.

People often ask me if I think you should replace photography with videography at weddings. I say no, they compliment each other and add to the experience. A wedding film carries your memories in ways that still images simply can’t. You don’t hear someone’s voice cracking as they raise a tearfully joyous toast to the newly married couple in the wedding photos, do you?

Cinema Quality Editing to Really WOW!

Editing is like the brush of an artist. You use it to define the shape of the wedding film, fill in the story, and draw your audience into your memories. 
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On your wedding day, it’s a whirl of cameras, tripods and microphones but capturing the footage from the day is just the first stage. The editing is where the magic happens!

I have years of professional editing experience, coming from a digital media background, and I use the same software as they use in Hollywood feature films, but my REAL value comes from the storytelling. Being able to really see what’s happening on the day, capturing it and bringing it out in your very own movie is what I excel at. This is what makes your film so unique and special.

Special effects and techniques like slow motion and colour grading are used to give your wedding film its unique cinematic styling. There’s an old phrase in the industry…motion is emotion. I live by this.

Professional Audio Means You Won’t Miss a Thing

Audio is 90% of your film. I understand that excellent audio is critical to the success of your wedding film, so I only work with the best professional equipment, and am fully covered with multiple microphones for all the important moments in your day.

Once I’ve recorded everything I need, I master the audio using industry-standard motion picture software and hardware (like the mixing desk opposite) and pull it all together into the soundtrack of your day. Memorable music, heartfelt words and raw feeling.

It has an immersion that nothing else can match. Photos on their own are great, but your very own movie…that’s something else entirely. Completely next level. It adds so much to your experience, and every person who has chosen this route is delighted that they did.

A wedding film carries your memories in ways that still images simply can’t.  It adds so much to your experience.
“The photos are amazing! Very happy! Lee was very professional and very caring after we were let down by another photographer. We felt like he genuinely wanted to help us.”

“Exceptional! If we were to go back and do it all again we would choose Lee every time. Would 100% recommend Lee time and time again!”

Your Own Wedding Film Starts At Just £1495

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to film some truly wonderful weddings with the loveliest of people! If you like the previews on this page and would like to see some full-length examples of wedding films, please get in touch below to request my brochure and arrange an appointment.

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